USB Type-C connector with MagSafe technology: Apple affected

When Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro last year it was clear that the MagSafe connector had reached the end of the race. The 12-inch MacBooks had already thought of a dismal epilogue of technology and the lack on Apple's Pro systems was the blow of grace. Its absence, in favor of the USB Port Type-C for charging, was not welcomed with positivity by Apple enthusiasts, deprived of one of the features that distinguished the "their" products. The MagSafe connector uses a magnetic type connection with the port. When the cable is pulled, the connector is disconnected in a delicate manner so as not to even drag the device. In its place the new MacBook pros use a traditional Type-C USB Connector for charging, but Apple seems interested in reintroducing the MAGSAFE approach with an adapter that appeared in a patent filed by the company last year. The document was filed in January 2016 and is described as a solution that allows the use of MagSafe loaders through the Univer
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